Saturday, 19 November 2011

Making a Christmas Wreath

On Monday14th November I went along to a lovely village pub to learn how to make a beautiful Christmas wreath.
The class was taught by Claire Mackaness, from Beautiful Things. She can also be found on Twitter @clairemackaness.

So you start with a pollystyrene hoop and a ball of yarn. Don't worry if you run out of yarn you can use other colours or tie off the end and start another ball of the same colour.  

Tie on the end of your yarn and pin the knot to the polystyrene hoop and relax, now your knot won't move!

As the first part of making the wreath can take a while, you need patients and mulled wine to get you in the Christmas spirit!

DON'T PANIC (MR Mannering!). If you get tangled up pin the yarn to the hoop and untangle it :) (Even our lovely teacher got tangled up!

This is what the final product should look like. Then it's time for the decoration!!! This is my favorite bit, and Claire provided the most amazing embellishments.

Everyone had a brilliant time and I can defiantly say that the people make a class as much as the activity.

If you live near Brentwood in Essex  and you would like to take part in one of Claire's classes you can find the full list here.