Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How to Make a Roly-Poly Bird!

On Friday at 6pm 18 Brownies turned up on the door step of Cherry Green Trees camp site and lodge expectant of a weekend full of exploring, playing, and most importantly, crafting!!! 

Each pack holiday that we run is based on a theme, and this one was Roald Dahl. The girls were divided into three groups based on one of his books and the leaders (including me) became characters from the books. 

The craft that I was elected to run was the making if the Roly-Poly Bird. This is an easy make, but also fun. It does require the concentration of the children doing it and it was remarked upon several times that each group that sat at my table was silent :). 

The instructions can be found here.

I got the girls to cut out all of the pieces that they needed to make the birds using templates that I had prepared earlier (how very Blue Peter!) and then made them read the next step from the page.

To make things move a little faster instead of getting the girls to stick the limbs of the bird onto the first plate I let them use a stapler as once the second plate is stuck on top you wouldn't see the staples.

The birds turned out fantastically and I was so please that when the girls were asked to evaluate their holiday the mentioned making the birds as one of their Favourite activities!

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