Friday, 18 January 2013

The Saga Continues...

Dear Next,

Please can you explain exactly what this is?

I appear to have received a parcel from you. Two cushion covers have arrived in the right colour, I have tried them on my sofa to see if thy fit and by golly to my surprise they do!

The main problem is that I had NO prior knowledge of their arrival or that you even planned on sending me these items. Considering that you planned on resolving our ongoing issue by sending me a new sofa to replace the sad item of furniture that you left me with on the 16th December 2012.

I still have no feet that fit... where are these?

Do you really feel that this was the right course of action? Not informing me that you were planning this?

I also appear to have two missed calls from withheld numbers on both my home and mobile phone... was this you trying to tell me about you new course of action? if so then too late! These were made about an hour after the package was received.

Can I just ask you what would have happened if I had refused to sign for it?

Kind regards,

Your Highly Frustrated Customer!!!!!

P.S. Due to your lack of instructions with the new cushion covers, what exactly do you want me to do with the old ones?

Monday, 14 January 2013


... Unfortunately this is not a  post thanking you for following Running Rabbit and encouraging me though the two years that I have been blogging and making. No, this is  a post telling you all bout my recent altercation with Next and the rubbish way they treat their customers!

On the 20th October I ordered two sofa's and a chair from Next for my new home, at the time of purchase one customer came into the store demanding a refund due to her order being cancelled twice and set back 12 weeks! 

I was assured that this was a one off and that the lady would be receiving a full refund. One of my sofa's and the chair were confirmed to be arriving in 4 weeks and the second sofa would be coming in 8 weeks due to a slight delay. 

Three weeks later instead of receiving a phone call I got a letter telling me that my sofas would arrive in the middle of December, a month late. Then I received a second later saying that there had been a further delay and that the furniture wouldn't be arriving until the end of December and I would be lucky to get the before Christmas!

At this point I rung them and told them that this was unsatisfactory customer service, definitely not of the level that you would expect of this well known family brand! I was then offered a £120 gift voucher which was then suddenly reduced to £100.once I told them that I had bought the furniture on finance. I then informed the customer service rep that this phone call was probably being recorded and that I wanted the £120 which seemed to swing it. 

The sofas finally arrived on the 16th December, however the tale doesn't end there... One of the sofa's that was delivered was the wrong colour and the feet that arrived with it didn't fit! 

This is the last straw! I am now paying finance for three sofa's when I only have two. I have spoken to customer services who have told me that I "should" here about the delivery of the correct sofa by the end of this month... Do I believe them? we will have to wait and see. 

Next... I am not impressed. 


Recently I went to Brighton with some of my best girl friends for the weekend, and what an amazing place it was!

The last time I went to Brighton  I was about 10, it was so nice to go and experience all of the lovely quirky shops in the Lanes and the eclectic architecture. 

Here are a few pics I took, thought you lovel lot would love to see them!

Monday, 7 January 2013


A few months ago, some friends and I wen for a girly weekend to Brighton! 

we had all planned a little bit of our trip and one of my lovely friends found this great restaurant called Bill's. 

Now Bills is a chain but it is fantastic! It feels like a one off and the bohemian restaurant layout gives off a great atmosphere, plus the food is great and is value for money. 

thought you would like to see some pics of this great place :) 

The fab metal tea pot
Eggs Benedict, yum!
Full to the brim (there was a queue to get in)
The lovely Helen with her smoothy
the wonderful Claire enjoying the orange juice
Me in desperate need of Tea!