Thursday, 8 March 2012

Battlesbridge, Essex

Battlesbridge, in Essex, is home to the Battlesbridge Antiques and Craft Centre. Housing over 80 dealers selling antiques, crafts, also offering valuation services and s motorbike museum!

I went with some friends to have a look for some bits for a new flat, it is a treasure trove of wonderful finds. It is so quaint and the variety of items for sales is amazing.

To be honest I think I could have lived there!

Transforming Old Furniture

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine gave me a table that she didn't have a use for any more.

This lovely table was so cute I had to have it.

However, instead of leaving it as it was I decided to paint it as the wood didn't match that of the house I live in.

So I sanded it down and primed it, but now I need your help!

Apple White or Dusted Fondant?