Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Book Review ~ A Green Guide To Country Crafts, Halfpenny Home

bookI want to thank my lovely sister @frankie1902 for getting me this lovely book for my birthday.

As soon as you see this book the front cover screams "LOVE ME". Look inside and there is a beautiful contents page that lists all of the wonderful things that you can learn to make. From soap making to quilting this book if full of beautiful ideas that can either be made as gifts, things that you can sell or decorate your home with. Either way you will have fun making them and you will fill yourself with a wonderful sense of accomplishment!

This book runs through a step-by-step guide for each craft. Each step is detailed and the wonderful photography should ensure that you don't get lost and wonder what you should do if it all goes wrong.

In the back you will find patterns at you can photo copy to help you with your makes and if you are after anything in particular then there is a really comprehensive index page to help you find what you need.

Overall this is a brilliant book, they seem to of thought of everything. I would say that this is especially good for those that are only just starting out in the crafting world (much like me).

The book is available from Amazon and is written by they also have a blog!