Friday, 24 June 2011

Book Review ~ Beads and Buttons, Erika Knight

I was first introduced to Erika Knight's work on Kirstie's Homamade Home, C4.
This beautiful book by Erika Knight contains 25 gorgeous jewellery projects and are split into three sections, natural, playful and vintage.

These items are relatively easy to make and with the helpful introduction guide teaching you the basic techniques needed it is hard to go wrong. Erika has thought of everything in the guide at the beginning, from what the different types of threads are, different beads, how to knit and crochet! Erikas' also has a 'how to' guide on her website for knitting and crochet.

Below are a few of the lovely makes that caught my eye.

Erika Knight’s book is highly recommended by me for those who knit or crochet need some inspiration about where to go next or those who are interested in the alternative world of jewellery and need some help starting out.

The comprehensive help guide allows those who have never used these techniques before to try something new and also opens the world of alternative jewellery making out to those who are used more traditional techniques.

Erika's book is available from Amazon. Her website can be found here. Twitter @knightkraft.