Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Next...The Final Chapter

Today we thought we would see the end of this saga, however it continues, and just like us you must be tired to me gabbing on about it.

(See previous posts from 14th Jan and 18th Jan)

We took delivery of the Monty snuggle seat for the second time since ordering it back in October.

This time it also turned up in the wrong colour and, this time, damaged and with no feet!. Humm, do you think if Hercule Poirot were here he would be able to figure it out?

They have now set it upon themselves to sort this out.

The damage to the snuggle seat
The delivery man clearing glue from the hole so he could fit the feet
The swatch showing the colour it was meant to be , and the actual colour of the chair... yes the swatch is attached. 

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