Monday, 15 August 2011

The Vancouver Craft Scene

So when I arrived in Vancouver I never would of thought that is was a good place for crafts. Vancouver has a different district for everything, restaurants for yuppies, kitsch shops selling British products (for those with too much money, geek-chic glasses and a macbook pro), the streets where the bums hang out, china town and the areas that have gone tourist mad!

One of the many tourist areas is Granville Island. We took the warter taxi to get there and back, wich was lovely and for $5 return trip I would highly recomend it. They also do tours of the False Creek.

Little did I know that Granville Island would be a great place for crafts. Full of amazing fresh food market stalls, a wonderful bead shop and a place where I just couldn't resist buying yarn!

If your going to Vancouver, you like the cheesy tourist experience and love crafts this is the place for you. Also Barbara in Miawa Supply is great for a chat and has been crafting for years so if you need any tips she is the gal to ask!