Friday, 5 August 2011

Glasses Are a Fashion Accessory!

I have four pairs of glasses that I wear for different occasions, things that I am doing (practicality) or the outfit that I am wearing.

The red specs are there when I need a boost. These make me feel strong and assertive!

Geek-chic. These are worn mainly on flights or on days when I feel lazy, of I just want something comfortable.

These are my "glam" specs. I tend to wear these on nights out or special occasions. The diamonte detail make me feel special.

And finally the glasses I mainly wear to work or trade-shows. They have that edgy professional look to them and they get commented on quite a bit.

People ask me why I stopped wearing contact lenses and my answer is, they are fiddley and when I'm working at a computer for 8 hours my eyes dry out. I love my specs and see them as an extension of me!