Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Big Scary Gym!

So I am not a gym goer, I always find a reason not to go; "I'm too tired", "I have to see so and so tonight!".

I have been a member of two gyms and I have always felt self conscious about going.

The first gym I joined was at University and I kept seeing all the skinny people on my course working out and there was me, all sweaty and red.

Then when I moved home I joined the gym there, but I kept seeing people I went to school with who I never wanted to see again!

A friend and I used to go running as a training exercise for the race for life (5k, 3m). Before I started training for this I never thought I couldn't run, but it turned out that I could!

Then I had an operation in February 2010 which really put me out of action.

My partner and I have just moved to a new area and we have a 5 day free pass to LA Fitness, although I wasn't impressed with the facilities it was nice to be active again. I managed a sustained 8 minute run and then went for a swim. Lovely :) And of course there is the added benefit that I don't know anyone!