Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pink Felt!

Yes that's right people I have fallen in love with pink felt.

When I was a child I was a real tom-boy, hated pink, wanted to wear girly clothes and go running about the garden and climb trees.

Now I love pink!

Recently I made some lovely bunnies (with some help from the b/f) from the craft book Everything Alice using felt and floral fabric.

Today I was perusing Folksy and found these beautiful handmade felt products in PINK!

Take a look at this lovely pink heart bunting, perfect for a childas bedroom or a girlie pad! Available from ben7tomcat, £10.00 Folksy.
This amazing pink felt button cushion is made by Handmade Mania, £12.50 Folksy.
I found this lovely brooch made by Laura Howard of Lupin Handmade, £12.00 Folksy. Laura's work has been featured in many publications such as, British Vogue's "Secret Address Book"! She also has a lovely blog and is on Twitter.
Last but not least this is a lovely tooth fairy enverlope from Shellybobbins, £4.00 Folksy. Shelly was 1500th in The Sunday Times Social List, Winner 2010, Winner 14/11/10 by . Shelly is also on Twitter and has a blog so give her a follow for all of her crafty updates!