Friday, 29 July 2011

Handmade Weddings

So although I am not getting married I am constantly on the look out for fun and interesting wedding ideas. I have worked in a wedding shop and I have helped many a confused bride see what 'The' dress is and decide on the right style and colour of bridesmaid dress to go for. It can be so confusing!

I decided a while ago that I would love a shabby-chic handmade wedding. There are so many wonderful designers out there making things for your special do. So I wanted to give you some inspiration or a guiding hand in deciding what might be the right thing for you.

Starting with the bouquet this lovely example by The Patchwork Bride is a great idea, these can be personalised with the bride and grooms initials or have a particular colour theme to match your day! This bouquet is priced up at £60 and is completely handmade.

Next up is jewellery. Always a big part of the overall ensemble. Some brides want big statement pieces to set off a simple dress and others want to go for something classic. The blow set was made by Reverie. The earrings are £12, necklace is £25 and the bracelet is £15. All are hand made and use Swarovski pearls, along with sterling silver beads with Swarovski round crystal in the middle and a sterling silver clasp.
This beautiful retro bag by Reverie also caught my eye. Made with ecru satin and includes a beautiful pocket watch. This bag costs £55. 
Instead of a bracelet you may want to go for a watch (for those brides that need to make sure everything is running smoothly ;-)) the watch below was designed and made by Manors Crystal Designs using  Swarovski pearls, Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls and retails for £29.99.

Something for the groom. These cuff links are from Off The Cuff are something a little bit different. All of the cuff links made by off the cuff use real watch movements. These are a perfect alternative to Mr & Mrs cuff links and they can be used again and again. The pair shown in the image below retail for £26.
Wedding favours can become very predictable, and with sugar almonds making a come back they can also be very throwaway. These wedding favour pebbles from Jo Lucksted Ceramics are an example of a more permanent gift for those attending your big day. The pebbles are made to order and can be stamped with your initials. Alternatively they can be used as place settings with the initials of each guest. Prices start from £4 but do go down depending how many you order. 
These cake toppers are brilliant and can be made to suit you and your interests. here are a few examples from Atop of the Tier. Each ceramic topper is hand made out of earthenware to your specifications, hand glazed and fired. A wedding topper will cost £160. They are a great reminder of you wonderful day and they can also include your children and pets. 
Decoration for the venue or of the top table are so important. The bunting blow was designed and made by Beautiful Things by Claire MacknassPrices start at £12.50 but She also offers no obligation quotes for commissions or customised pieces

I hope  that you have enjoyed the things that I have shown you. weddings are all individual and in my opinion shouldn't be taken so seriously! Have some fun and make memories that you can keep forever!