Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Crafts with kids

Doing crafts is always fun but crafts with kids is even better!

I have had an incredibly busy week, there was Brownie pack holiday for three days and two nights and then fun with the family.

Pack holiday is a fun but slightly stressful time. Trying to work out how to keep 17 children occupied with a mixture of crafts, games and general running about can be slightly tricky, if not due to the fact that there are too many crafts to do and games to play!

The rest of my week holiday was spent trying to relax and see the family. This included spending time with my two nieces and nephew. One of my nieces has become extraordinarily crafty, which is brilliant!
My niece and I ended up making a bear from a DIY kit that she had bought earlier on in the week. We found that there were guide holes here there shouldn't be and none where there should! But that just added to the fun and making the holes was easy.

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