Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kirstie's Home Made Home

One Wednesday evening when sitting bored at home flicking through the channels I spotted Kirstie's Home Made Home.

As I am currently looking at and dreaming about my first home it was amazing to see that you could buy furniture with history and character at the same price you would pay for an Ikea flat pack.

Then she looked at crochet and it got me thinking, I could make something for my future home NOW!

I have started this blog to look into the arts and crafts that take my fancy and see what the general consessus is on crafts today. Whats "trendy"? What are the youth of today making and doing? Are people still being taught these crafts by Parents and Grandparents?

In this throw-away day and age it is nice to own something that had love and care put into it and should last a little longer than that Primark skirt that you bought for £5.

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