Friday, 19 August 2011

Photo Challenge Rules - updated*

(Taken from Saturdays Child Blog)

Okay i thought i'd spice things up a little and have a few rules to this post a-photo-a-day challenge.  Its not meant to be serious so if you dont want to follow them, thats fine.

If you do want to play along then these are what i've come up with so far.  Ill cut them into small chunks so we feel we are achieving something.

All photos must be taken on the day itself, if your camera has a date facility then you could switch it on.  You dont have to write anything to go with the image but some of the rules do ask for that.

Days 1 - 7

Day 1 - free choice to begin with
Day 2 - a pet or if you dont have one a stuffed toy
Day 3 - anything edible
Day 4 - your favourite mug/cup
Day 5 - free choice but this time list 3 reasons why you have chosen it.
Day 6 - free choice but must be in landscape mode not portrait
Day 7 - draw a small picture and take a photo of it (don't worry if you can't draw, nor can I).

Days 8 - 14 

Day 8 - Must have a 'traingle' in it
Day 9 - anything 'yellow'
Day 10 - anything fluffy but not living
Day 11 - A cloud formation
Day 12 - Anything beginning with 'B'
Day 13 - 2 ingredients you will use in any meal today
Day 14 - The theme of 'time' interpret it any way you wish
Days 15 - 28

@litlemouselilly has come up with some great rules, i think you’ll agree with me that they are going to stretch us and be fun at the same time.

Ok some rule ideas that i came up with:

15.    Treasured childhood possession
16.    Macro shot (close up if no macro setting)
17.   Texture
18.   Looking up
19.   Looking down 
20.   Try a different perspective (e.g get down on the floor)
21.   Weather

22.   Yourself (either an image of you however you want to do it or something that sums you up!)

23-29.  Pick a colour for a week

Brill new rules from Jan @cajamecreations. Cant wait to get started on these.

Your interpretation of the following...

Day 30. Water
Day 31. Insect
Day 32. What sums up home for you
Day 33. Favourite shoes
Day 34. Feathered friends
Day 35. Contents of handbag (no tidying up or adding pretty bits)
Day 36. Circles
Day 37. Obsession
Day 38. Stones/rocks/pebbles
Day 39. Black & White
Day 40. Fire
Day 41. Words
Day 42. Blue & White
Day 43. Autumnal mood
Day 44. Favourite drink
Day 45. Housework
Day 46. Altered images
Day 47. Call of the wild
Day 48. Red, white, blue
Day 49. Diamonds
Day 50. Socks

Great new rules from Kirstin at Tailwags & Treats

Day 51.  Take a photo that reflects your favourite band name
Day 52. A photo that describes your favourite song
Day 53. A photo that reflects your personality
Day 54. A photo that describes your favourite movie
Day 55. A photo of your five things (that you would take to a desert island)
Day 56. A photo of a photo from your childhood
Day 57. Can you guess what it is, a photo where the object isn't immediately recognisable
Day 58. A photo of your favourite smell

Woo Hoo, if you've made it this far, well done. Jump up and down and feel good about yourself and... oh okay enough of the cheesy phrases!